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Football’s super agent, Italian born Dutchman Mino Raiola discussed how he brokered Pogba’s world record transfer from Juventus back to the English Premier League and Manchester United

Raiola talking the Daily Mail had a lot to see in regards to the transfer of not only Paul Pogba, but also his other players including fellow Manchester United stars Mkhitaryan &  Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The agent stated that Manchester United wished to display to the world that they are not only a financial behemoth but also they could return the club to being on on field.

‘They sent out a message with the transfers they did that this is the biggest club in the world.’

Raiola not only brokered Pogba’s record shattering transfer deal to United but also helped to push Mkhitaryan &  Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the same club from Dortmund and PSG respectively.

Bringing in a cool 30 million euros in commissions for his players (Pogba bring in the lump sum of 20 million) the agent represents some of the worlds best players, who are equally wanted by the worlds best clubs.

‘I always say to my players we go where we are needed. United will always be one of the biggest clubs in the world whether by reputation or balance sheet. 

‘Yes, Manchester United had no Champions League and weren’t champions but they needed us the most.

‘United had been talking to us for two years about Pogba,’ confides Raiola. 

‘They had taken my player Sergio Romero and we had kept the lines of communication open.

‘We knew we had interest, we spoke to Juventus, they really wanted to try for the Champions League, they gave him the No 10 shirt and we said we would give it one more year. 

‘Then I worked on an exit plan. We had two offers from the Premier League and two outside.

Raiola then indicated that Ed Woodward, the chief executive of Manchester United wanted to bring Pogba in a year early but was unable to do so;

‘Paul said United was in his heart, Woodward wanted him at United a year ago and Mourinho had wanted him at Chelsea too, so when the two combined we knew it was right. 

‘For the player, Real Madrid would have been easier, La Liga, Champions League, but he wanted the greater challenge.

‘Mkhitaryan was more complicated. We had almost agreed with another Premier League club but Dortmund wouldn’t let him go, then United pushed it over the line.

‘With Zlatan, he fits the Manchester United brand perfectly. He is the personification of fearless and has that winning mentality combined with class. 

‘He is 34 but he is the most talked about player in the Premier League. His reunion with Mourinho gives that feeling of “we are Manchester United, now come try to f*** us’!’’

‘Pogba I make you famous now!’ Pogba and Ibrahimovic bromance”.

On Mkhitaryan &  Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Talking on his players the agent revels that his son used to be driven by Ibra in his Ferrari as a child;

‘Zlatan used to drive him around in his Ferrari. I see Mario more now than I used to, I barely saw him growing up, I’d be away.

‘That’s this life, you have to do the work to get here, do the miles. I like to go and talk to the clubs, meet everyone. We all have different methods.’

To illustrate his point, he tells a joke about a man with a stammer who sells more Bibles than his boss by simply threatening to read them to customers unless they buy.

 Conversely Raiola doesn’t just expect Mkhitaryan to be successful in the Premier League, he knows that his client will after having two brilliant years in the Bundesliga, and how they have performed recently;

‘It’s true Pogba is not playing his best yet, he is taking time to adjust but people don’t always see the bigger picture. He will dominate for 10 years. He is United’s lost son.

‘Mkhi was the best player in the German league the last two seasons. He has a strong mentality and will be an asset once fully fit.

‘Sometimes it is better to lose because you realise you are not what you thought. I still think United will win the league though as they now have the quality.’

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