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Privacy Policy

This site is self-hosted with the WordPress content management system, which store cookies on your device. They allow the site to remember what you visited and how you used our features, displaying them in a personalized way. Our cookies comply with “Do Not Track” requests if you have turned that feature on. We do not access that information.

Google Analytics
We currently use Google Analytics to gather statistics about traffic. This logs information such as location, traffic sources and demographics and they may eventually be used for remarketing.

Personal information

We do not access personal details about readers, such as name, email or contact information, unless you choose to send them to us.

Social media
We are present on the following social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. If you interact with us on our accounts, the respective terms and privacy policies of those networks apply. If you are logged in on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, the widgets on our home page may be personalized by such networks but we do not access any of that information. You can tailor it in your accounts.