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RAI Italia is the single biggest TV station that broadcasts Serie A around the world, in Italian. There’s one problem: it broadcasts with an antiquated signal which turns fans off. In this Open Letter published in a few Italian language publications, our Rocco Fasano urges the Directors of RAI Italia and RAI to upgrade their signal to High Definition. It’s of interest to Serie A, and thus to us. We urge you to spread the message and join our fight to see RAI Italia in HD here:


Dear Directors,  

I live in Vaughan, a suburb north of Toronto. A decade ago, the advent of RAI International on the Canadian cable television scene – backed by thousands of signatures – was momentous for the Italian-Canadian community, and a source of pride.

My motive for writing this open letter is not strictly tied to the channel in Canada, but in the channel that is transmitted and followed in the United States, Australia, Latin America and in every corner of the world.

The TV channel – which has since changed its name to RAI Italia, which boasts the largest range of Italian football programming in (at the very least) Canada and the United States, as well as broadcasting current affairs programs and entertainment – is not visible High Definition (HD).

Italians, stereotypically conscious of style and of “bella figura“, look very badly in this case. The image to your audience, to Italians (and not only) abroad, is that of a nation that is not at the forefront of technology, of one which has not kept pace with the times.

Yet the RAI channels, those in Italy, are broadcast in HD. Why is this not the case with the channel that broadcasts Italy’s image to the world?

Broadcasts of football matches use HD cameras. Why doesn’t Italia RAI broadcast them in HD?

Do you want to make RAI Italia more palatable to your audience? Upgrade your signal, before your programming.

To us RAI Italia is like a mother: we left her when we embarked for distant lands, and we welcomed her with open arms at the first opportunity. Like a mom, RAI Italia helps to teach our children the Italian language. And through the language, she teaches the Italian culture. Dear directors, the image quality does not intrigue our children (and not only them) to stay tuned.  The longer the delay in the technological leap, the more your future audience is reduced. And consequently, the future of RAI Italia itself. Is this, perhaps, the point?

In the meantime we have started a petition – just like you did to the Canadian Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation to request that the channel be made available through Canadian cable TV. This time, we’re asking YOU, all together that RAI Italia be broadcast in HD. It is available here:

Many have already signed our petition, many more will do so: WE WANT RAI ITALIA IN HD!  

On their behalf, I await your response to the global audience of RAI Italia.


Rocco Fasano

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