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Following yet another disappointing performance in Europe, Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke to the media after the game:

“We need to perform better. We were ahead early and could have handled the lead better. They [Viktoria ndr] reacted well in terms of strength and physicality. We had a few chances to take the match in hand but then it a battle of endurance and strength, which suits Viktoria better. The goal that we allowed could have been avoided.

“Thats what football is, if you cant take hold of the match they will come back with character and physicality. We need to be calmer in handling situations because we can do better.

“Iturbe? It’s not an ultimatum, I let him play because like other players I thought he would give me a response, however we’ll have to wait til the next match.

“We had to have faith until the end, we should have held the ball more in midfield. Laziness? Thats something that you can’t accept. When we were in possession we let the opponents take the ball  off our feet, when we lost the ball we were not compact enough to fight for it back.

“We need to do more, those who don’t play often needed to show more and take advantage of the situation. The will and determination needs to be tangible”

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