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Roma Coach Luciano Spalletti spoke about his teams performance during their 4-1 win over Palermo.

Spalletti spoke to Sky Sport in regards to various facets of his teams performance against Palermo, predominately their lack of tranquility in the first half:

“We were not as good in the first half as we were in the second half of that match, but we went ahead without risking the game.

“We ended up suffering a bit of pressure in the first half, and you could see that we lacked tranquility.

“Fortunately for Roma in the second half we were much better. El Shaarawy? he is very valuable, and today he performed  well for us.

“We always talk about who will help create goals, it is important that the team is able to create a number of chances that result in goals.

“When  everything flows the results come on the field which is obvious. “

On Salah’s special goal.
“It was a defining moment when a player can take on the defense from the halfway line by regaining possession”

The importance of starting a game well.
“Roma is blessed with fast players, especially Salah, El Shaarawy and Iturbe. Many are good to go, so for us is better for us to play in open spaces. But when your name is Roma you must also be to handle the pressure. “

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