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Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke to the press ahead of the Europa League clash against Austria Vienna on Thursday.

Spalletti took the opportunity to speak about Gerson, who has been the center of much confusion as to his role in the club; “He is still a kid, he has good qualities, and some very evident talent. When you are young sometimes you have to change the position that you play on the field depending on the style of football that you play.

“Gerson is light on his feet, and has great technique, he can even play right up on the opponents defensive line. However if you pull him back five meters, it makes him harder to defend, especially outside of the penalty box. I can even put him between the other two midfielders, but in that position you need more physicality and substance. Tomorrow, he plays.”

Gerson began his footballing career in Brazil with Fluminense, where he was promoted to the senior club in 2014. In two seasons with the club Gerson has tallied up 31 appearances and one goal. In January of 2016 after much contention with other big European clubs, AS Roma were able to sign to youngster for a total of 15 mln euro.

Since his arrival in Rome this summer, there have been many questions surrounding his role on the club, where would he play? How often would he play? Why did Roma sign him?

One thing is undeniable, Gerson is a very talented player, and due to his age needs more time to acclimate to the different style of play in Italy. Gerson will sooner or later play a large role in Roma’s midfield.

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