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German footballer, Sami Khedira, has made the move from Real Madrid to Juventus for the 2015-16 season.

By: Marianne Iannaci

He is signed on a four year deal with the team, which is beneficial for Juve as they welcome a 2013-14 Champions League winner and World Cup Champion to their roster. Khedira’s presence on Germany’s national team since 2009 has dubbed him a leading midfielder with plenty of technique and good stamina. His passing record has been proven strong, bearing a successful pass percentage at 97.9%, just in this year’s Champions League tournament alone. Khedira’s defensive ratings hold him just under one interception and one tackle per game, with a clean record for shots past and fouls.

With Juventus’ possible loss of maestro midfielder Andrea Pirlo, Khedira’s attendance may help Juve attain a future victory. His dynamic and defensive play will hopefully ignite the team, as Pirlo’s midfield game was more mobile in relation to Khedira’s.

This addition is likely going to make a mark for Juventus in next seasons Champions League, since Khedira’s mindset is more inclined to understand for European soccer. A defensive midfielder will certainly change up this team’s game, now that Khedira’s mindset is better suited to understand and respond to the opposing defensemen.

It is only a matter of time that this World Cup champion initiates the confidence and energy that Juventus is thriving for. A player like this could be the difference between making it to the final and winning the final in 2016.

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