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Napoli defeated Udinese 2-1 on Saturday evening at Udine for the first time since 2007.

Lorenzo Insigne scored both of Napoli’s goals to lead the Partenopei to a victory. After the match, Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri spoke to Sky Sport about Insigne and other topics.

“He’s (Insigne) definitely well liked by the group, he’s always smiling. It’s clear that his teammates love him, he just has to concentrate on his performances. He went through a period where he suffered; as soon as he scored, just a few minutes after, you could see that he freed himself from some mental block.”

We had a first half with great set ups, however in the final twenty meters we were missing the finish because we had the attackers play too wide. They began to play in motion with no points of reference and became dangerous. I’ve had the feeling that it could be Insigne’s day for three or four games.”

The Italian manager also commented on Jose Callejon’s health status. Callejon wore the captain’s armband in the final minutes of the match.

“He recovered from the flu this morning, it was a difficult week from that point of view.”

Sky Sport also asked Sarri if Napoli are paying attention to the league standings.

“I don’t know and don’t care, what I care about is the team. I’m happy at the fact that in the last half-hour, all our players born in the 90’s were on the pitch and therefore it’s a young team that gives me happiness and gives me good feelings. I have a feeling that we are building something of importance. The team is young, it has room to grow and it seems that it has grown in its level of mentality. It gives me pleasure to train the team and gives me positive sensations.”

Sky Sport then asked Sarri if he wanted to be able to annoy Juventus. His response also included a comment on Udinese manager Luigi Delneri.

“I don’t know and don’t care. They are having an extraordinary championship that I think is not within the reach of anyone. Delneri is a person whom I respect very much and I don’t like talking about things far away from me right now.”

Sarri also commented on defender Raul Albiol’s status.

“It amazes me that someone thought that Albiol would play, you guys are a bit superficial. He’s had five days of training with the team. He’s been cleared to play under the medical point of view, but he still needs a few days.”

Napoli plays Dynamo Kyiv in UEFA Champions League action on Wednesday at the Stadio San Paolo. The club will then play Sassuolo in Serie A competition on Monday November 28.

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