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Napoli defeated Crotone away from home 2-1 on Sunday afternoon, but still did not look like the usual Napoli side.

After the match, partenopei manager Maurizio Sarri spoke to Mediaset Premium.

“We always had room to breathe well, the only thing that was done wrong was at Bergamo while the other two matches we played in a discreet manner. Since we won, I want to say that the pitch we played on is not at the level to be among professionals. We conducted the match well. I’m happy for the guys who needed faith.”

“After 2-0 we tried to manage the game and it is something that drives me crazy knowing our characteristics. Little was conceded, but it is not our principle feature to just manage the match. However, if you want to take home the result you must also learn [to accept] this.”

Sarri came to the defense of Manolo Gabbiadini, who received a straight red card in the first half:

“I’m sorry for Manolo, I hope he ‘s not out long. He is characteristically a bit introverted, so to be in the center of discussion, does not help him. He needed calmness and instead he finds himself at at the center of absurd discussions; they [the media] ask me incredible questions or questions about him on things that are made up. I’ve never had private conversations with him. He is a great player and will come back strong. The problem with Gabbiadini is that you guys only ask me questions about him. If I have to fix the problems in the Roma game, I must think of the team. Manolo has the trust of all [his teammates] and he has to find himself for a moment. If you continue to ask questions about Manolo I won’t answer anymore for the peace of the boy.”

The azzurri manager also spoke about Marko Rog and the other Napoli youth:

“He [Rog] has returned to our plans. He is a boy that comes from Croatia where the football is different than ours. Marko is taking the path that [Amadou] Diawara took: we spent 20-25 days for Amadou to get him back on track physically and 20-25 days to insert him in our playing schemes. As soon as Marko is ready, he will be an important player. If Napoli is to buy players that are 19-20 years old and use them after 20 days, that’s wrong. There needs to be a little patience, the club’s transfer market was stamped by the perspective of what’s needed.”

Napoli will play Empoli midweek before they take on Juventus in a big clash next weekend.


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