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The Neroverdi have a full plate at the moment with 7 hours to go.

According to Alfredo Pedulla, there’s a slew of negotiations underway at Sassol’s camp.

The Sassuolo directors are reconvening now with a slew of different situations to resolve. First is Federico Ricci from Roma. The young Italian could move to the MAPEI Stadium a little bit later this evening as the two sides are looking to find a definitive agreement regarding the formula of the deal.

Next, there’s a meeting with Crotone to discuss Alex Ferrari, another Italian youngster who’s been promised to Sassuolo thanks to a deal with Juve in the background. Ferrari could end up in Turin one day.

Lastly, there’s Marcello Trotta and Diego Falcinelli who could be heading the opposite way to Calabria for the 2016/17 season.

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