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Life in the second tier is tough, the endless battle to survive and maintain any sort of relevance all balanced against the tantalising prospect of maybe just maybe putting a team together that is good enough to reach the Promised Land.

In this regard Serie B is no different to any other second level throughout the world. The truth is though there is no other league in the world that can be compared to the Italian second flight, it somehow balances a weird mixture of optimism and cynicism to create an absolute insane cocktail that will either leaving you slobbering for more or in a pool of tears begging to be left off its ride of endless ups and downs.

It does not feel at all long ago that we watched the incredible happen with not just Carpi, but also Frosinone getting promoted to Serie A for the first time in their history. This is the type of magic that makes the league so good. Yet it would not be Italy and indeed Serie B that the magic is somewhat tarnished by antics of both Catania and Teramo who have both lost their place in the league after being found guilty of match fixing. Don’t let this put you off though the league has plenty going for it, the future of Italian football will begin to come of age in the league this year with the likes of Raffele Di Gennaro, Simone Scuffet, Gianmario Comi, Luca Garritano and more all set for breakout years.

Another thing that cannot be underestimated is the passion of the fans who loyally follow their clubs. Some of the best Curva’s in the country now reside in Serie B – Salernitana, Perugia, Avellino, Ascoli and Bari to name just a few. It may not be the most glamourous or the wealthiest or even the prettiest, but Serie B has that little something, that little bit of fairy dust that makes it special. Serie B is back, all hands to the pump it’s going to be another insane year

So without much further ado lets take a look at all 22 teams involved.

With the Expulsion of both Catania and Teramo, it means the league has dropped from its 22 teams to 20. At the time of writing it is strongly believed that Ascoli and Virtus Entella will be parachuted in as their replacements. As such we have decided to include them in or season preview all though confirmation is still lacking. Nonetheless to give you the full picture of the league we felt that it was only right to include the two sides who are more than 99% certain to be participating in Serie B on the opening day.

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