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Founded: 1898

Colours: Black and White

Manager: Mario Petrone

2014/2015: 2nd (Lega Pro Girone B)

Stadio: Cino e Lillo Del Duca

The Picchio are back in Serie B for the first time since the 2012/13 season, That is we think there back, they still might not be though… Okay were 90% sure they will be in the league, but then what if Catania’s appeal is somehow successful that would mean they had to return to Lega Pro, but that’s unlikely right? Oh God my head hurts, so let’s just stick what we know for now.

Catania have been thrown out of Serie B for their involvement in fixing five matches at the end of last season so that they would survive in the league, all this now means that Serie B for 2015/16 is two teams short (We’ll discuss Virtus Entella and Teramo in the Entella preview, one at a time people please). So as I was saying with the league now short of teams it means that two more have to be plucked from Lega Pro and thrown in at the deep end of Serie B, two weeks before the season starts and with 99.9% certainty one of those is going to be Ascoli Picchio Calcio. I mean if there not picked there is going to be some pretty annoyed people in Ascoli who already believe it to be a certainty, the clubs official twitter account has even tweeted out #SerieB.

Away from the bureaucratic mess let’s get down to the real business and whether Ascoli can somehow manage to survive given their lack of preparation time. The answer to that is most definitely, you just have to look to Vicenza’s heroics last season to see what is possible. Can the Bianconeri achieved the same as the Lane well that is highly unlikely, this is a club however who believes in its heart that Serie B is the minimum level it should be at. After all they did finish second last season on an impressive 71 points losing only five games in the league all season. Nearly any other season this would have been good enough to finish top, but that was taken by Teramo on 75pts. We now know however that Teramo did not achieve all there points in a legal fashion so to speak, so having Ascoli in the league is justice, later than they have liked, but justice nonetheless.

Ascoli to survive, it may be tight though.

Keep an eye on: Leandro Perez

12 goals in 26 matches last season for the 26 year old Perez is a decent return at any level of football. Now though with Ascoli making the step up it will be interesting to see if he can cope with the better quality of defenders and the pressure of taking over from last season’s top scorer Cristian Altiner who has left to join Padova.

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