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It’s Christmas Eve, so turn on the fire, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a mince pie and sit back in a nice comfy chair and read all about the goings on in Italy’s second tier.

With 20 matches played and Christmas only hours away now is a good a time as ever to see who will be receiving all the gifts they want off Santa and those who will only be getting stockings full of coal.

The Nice List:

Benevento: The revelation of Serie B so far, this season, the Stregoni have taken to the league like a duck to water and have earned to right to indulge themselves on Christmas Day.

SPAL: The revelation of Serie B part II. The men have Ferrara have put behind them years of pain in the lower levels to take Serie B by storm so far, this season and it would be a brave man to bet against them continuing it into the new year.

Cittadella: A perfect start has been followed up with a tough dose of reality in more recent weeks. That being said the Granata have done better than expected and are deserving of a visit from Santa and his reindeer.

Frosinone: The Canarini have settled into life under Pasquale Marino quite well and look good odds to make an immediate return to Serie A. However, complacency cannot be allowed to settle in as there as still plenty of sides waiting in the long grass for any sort of slip up.

Hellas Verona: Their fans probably expected the Gialloblu to be rather a few points clear at the top by this stage. That though hasn’t materialised and they find themselves in the midst of a tough promotion battle. They are however just about achieving their minimum expectation and for that a present under the tree is deserved but maybe just a small one.

Virtus Entella: This small Ligurian club continue to punch above their weight and for that deserve only our respect and a nice bit of pudding and cream after their Christmas dinner.

Perugia: After last season’s disappointment under Pierpaolo Bisoli, the Grifone have come on in strides under Cristian Bucchi. Still by no means the finished article, but they have earned the right to take the Malteaser sweet from the Celebration tin.

Pro Vercelli: Any Christmas spent with the club having a chance of survival going into the new year is a Christmas well spent for the Leoni.

Carpi: Santa had to check the list twice for them as they were originally on the naughty side. However, a small bit of improvement in more recent weeks has just about done enough to earn them that extra bit of ham to go with their turkey.

Pisa’s Defence: Only 11 goals conceded is championship winning form, here have a candy cane

The Naughty List:

Trapani: Woeful, absolutely woeful and very little else can be said for the Granata this season. Santa’s not coming with presents but rather with a much-needed kick up the arse.

Avellino: Domenico Toscano came in stunk up the place and left, in now has come Walter Novellino, a bit late to save Christmas for the Lupi but things are heading in an upward trajectory.

Salernitana: Much was expected of them last season and they failed, much was expected of them this year and they are failing. Pull the finger out Salernitana, no Christmas dinner for you.

Cesena: Biggest let down so far, the Roamagna club have been awful and are deserving of the tonnes of coal that will be delivered to them on Christmas Day.

Novara: Third on Christmas day last season, the Biancoazzurri are decidedly worse off this year. The punishment for them is simply a plate full of Brussel sprouts.

Ternana: Just a bad side and we’ll leave it there.

Pisa’s Attack: Seven goals in 20 matches that’s just pathetic, Gattuso will be hoping that Santa brings an entirely new strike force.

The Rest:

Those who have been too bland to make any list but may actually need the coal to kick start their engines for the new year. That being said all are closer to the naughty list then the nice one.

Bari, Spezia, Brescia, Ascoli, Vicenza, Latina.

Talking Points:

Can Trapani conceivably make the great escape? Things look pretty bleak for the Granata at the moment and there is certainly a lack of Christmas cheer around the Sicilian club. Only one win from 20 Trapani in my view look doomed to Lega Pro.

We are very close to the half way point of the season and both SPAL and Benevento continue to fly high. With the break and the transfer window just around the corner could this have an effect in seeing the clubs lose momentum or are they set to be battling it out right to the very end at the top.

Pisa didn’t score again…Nuff Said.

Latina have now drawn six in a row, will the Leonialti ever win or lose ever again, not bloody likely at this rate.

And finally Happy Christmas.

View Table HERE.

Week 20 Results:

Pisa 0-0 Spezia, SPAL 4-0 Ternana, Ascoli 1-1 Bari, Brescia 2-1 Pro Vercelli, Cesena 3-1 Trapani, Perugia 1-1 Latina, Virtus Entella 4-1 Novara, Avellino 3-2 Salernitana, Carpi 1-1 Hellas Verona, Frosinone 3-2 Benevento, Vicenza 2-0 Cittadella,




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