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The Viola coach was ecstatic with their hard fought win over Borussia Monchengladbach in the Europa League.

Fiorentina’s 0-1 away win will prove vital for the return leg, however Sousa lamented on Federico Bernardeschi and his need to improve.

Despite scoring the vital goal via a free kick, the winger was subbed in the second half for a lack of consistency in passes and retaining possession.

During the press conference Sousa delved further into this:

“In the second half we improved considerably,”

“The wingers helped out and the defence pushed up, making us more compact. We had more control of the ball too. We won under pressure against a great team, but this is a very important victory for us.

“Bernardeschi’s future is bright and he is confirming that. He just lacks a bit of consistency in the two phases of the game and to improve with his back to goal. The moment he does that, he’ll be even better.

“I replaced Bernardeschi as a tactical substitution. He was losing intensity, misplaced several passes and was therefore not allowing us to keep possession.

“In the first half, the main reason we didn’t keep possession was that Bernardeschi wasn’t close enough to Nikola Kalinic. We changed his position in the second half and he did better.

“The goal was wonderful and will allow us to experience the second leg in a different way. Everyone knew what they had to do today, they realised it would be difficult and we’ll analyse the game to prepare for the second meeting.

“Borussia Monchengladbach moved the ball around well and we were unable to close the spaces with our defence. That caused us a lot of problems.

“Our opponents played with a high line and are strong physically. When we realised that we shouldn’t keep making vertical passes out of defence, that is when we improved.

“At half-time we discussed the areas to improve, were more balanced and created more chances to score. It’s important for us to learn how to win while under pressure and through difficulties.

“We beat a quality opponent and these games can help us grow.”

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