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Luciano Spalletti spoke to Premium Sport after his side’s 4-1 win over rivals Lazio in the derby.

“Lazio has important qualities and is coached by an excellent trainer, it was inevitable we’d face a little trouble to win, in light of the result. Rudiger and Manolas were giants in the box today. Napoli? Four points are a lot even if they are yet to come to the Olimpico. We will need to be very strong to reach and pass them.

Dzeko came on for the second time from the bench and became very determined. Only a coincidence?

“Dzeko came on well from the bench but until the moment he scored there had been moments we should have closed the game. Dzeko did hispart, he did what he needed to do because he has different characteristics but we need them equally for our game. It’s never just one player who decides a game.”

What did you think about Perotti and El Shaarawy’s performances? 

“They are two exceptional players. The Argentine is in form not just in terms of character. The ex-Milan forward needs to be more aggressive, but I’m not getting onto him in any way. When he wants to be interested, he scores wonderful goals like he did today, but then he has had another 3-4 chances in which he thought he already scored and was not as decisive. He needs to get better in this regard, then he’ll become a champion”.

Why did Totti never come on? 

“I’ll be the first to tell you I’m sad I couldn’t put him on. He could have done his part on the field, but when I make decisions as a coach I have to consider also other things and now there are other strong players like Francesco that deserve to be taken into consideration.”


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