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Dear Readers,

Our goal at Italian Football Daily since day one has been to be the best and most reliable website for Italian football in English. For going on four years of little to no budget, I’m more than delighted to announce we became the second biggest site in the English speaking realm for Italian football. It is an amazing achievement, and 100% of it goes to the writers and editors that we have assembled over the years.

However, there’s just one problem. Our current model that we’ve used requires extensive time sitting around and waiting for news to be released on Italian sources to then translate it into English. It’s an inefficient, outdated model that we at IFD have decided to retire. In the face of this, we are abandoning a system that has brought us many millions of readers over the course of the past few years. The reason being, we’re not where we wanted to be, and that’s becoming the number one site.

IFD is changing, we’re moving away from translating news as the bulk of our content. Instead, we are switching to editorials, exclusives and analysis articles and will be releasing more engaging, interesting content rather than a 100 word news article that you’ve already seen ten times on Twitter.

Our plan is to become the very best, and a repetitive, ineffective system isn’t going to get us there. What you can expect from the new IFD is a series of changes over the next several months in our content and article design to deliver an unparalleled fan experience that gives you the best possible content you could ask for.

We’ve grown to a size previously thought unimaginable and our reach is global. In short, we’re making changes to become the best in the business – and believe me, we’ll get there.

We have some incredible writers here, it’s time to unleash their full potential. The future has never been so bright for us, and for our readers, it’s an exciting time for you.


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