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Manolo Gabbiadini’s time at Napoli appears to be coming to an end.

Sky Sports UK caught up with Stoke City manager Mark Hughes and quizzed him about their January transfer window plan.

When asked about Napoli’s Manolo Gabbiadini and Leipzig’s Davie Selke, Hughes revealed there is something definitely in the works.

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“There’s a list of players and you make inquiries about potential availability.

“Possibly one of them is available on loan, maybe, if the club or player thinks it’s a good or viable option. But there’s nothing definite on those names at the moment.

“It’s still a bit up in the air on what we’ll be able to bring into the squad. We need players who will improve the eleven, markedly if we can. If we go into the market and spend good money it will be on a player who can go straight into the eleven.”

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