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Tevez Talks To Juventus TV

Two days before the big game against Fiorentina, Tevez spoke to JuventusTV. Tevez was appearing on a JTV show called “Direct Line”which gives Juventus fans the opportunity to directly ask questions to their favourite players. transcribed the show in real time.

How are you Carlos? 

“Good, good, very good, thank you.”

You’ve always got so many commitments… 

“Yes, we are working to try to recover as soon as possible for the next game.”

Is it true that the best goal of your career is what you did [last] Sunday?

“(smiles, ed) I always think that the next goal is the most beautiful, whether it will be against Fiorentina and after. The next goal is always the most beautiful.”

How do you feel about the contest with Fiorentina?

“I think it will be a very good game, because they are the only team that beat us in the first part of the season. Its going to be a very nice game.”

But the goal against AC Milan was instinctive, or you placed the ball where you wanted?

“When I have the ball at my feet, I already know it needs to get in the goal, I do not know the speed of the ball, but I know it gets there.”

Did you expect to have such an important impact on Juve and in the Italian league ?

“I think I’ve worked to adapt well, I knew I could do everything right on the field. am I fine physically , as expected this year, in which we are all doing well. When I arrived at Juventus, I said, being physically fit will make you do great things.

Juve play in a South American flavor, with what the other guys have linked your continent more between Vidal, Isla, Osvaldo Caceres and Rubinho?

“In all, I think we have a South American team at Juventus, which is not normal, but I think I am on good terms with all the South Americans.”

 Did you expect such a beginning with Juventus?

“Yes, I expected it, because we knew our potential on the field, inside and out. We are a strong team and we know it. When we play together a lot, it is hard to beat Juventus.”

How did you set in Turin? A little ‘chilly? Today it is sunny …

“No. .. I really like the city as a city, because I lived 7-8 years in Manchester and living in Manchester is difficult. Turin is like living in a city in Argentina that is not Buenos Aires- Buenos Aires because it is too large. But is similar to an Argentine city. for me, for my family, it is easy to adapt to Turin. ”

I read in an interview that while you are pleased with the work you do, you have to deprive yourself of so many things. What is the thing you miss the most and what would you do now if you had the chance?

“I think … eat well, because I like to eat (laughs- ndr). Chocolates I miss, I miss things like that …”.

In Turin, we are strong with chocolate …

“But I can not …”

In all teams where you’ve played , you’ve won everything : it would not be the time to win the Champions League with Juve ?

“I think it is a dream for everyone , not just the fans, even the players . But we have to take off the pressure to win the Champions League, otherwise it will be impossible to win.”

You played in the Argentine championship in the Brazilian one, in the British and now the Italian one. What is the most difficult and why?

“The most difficult is the Italian league. I have played in many countries, but the most difficult is the Italian one because it is very tactical, the game is too tactical, the coach very tactically controls the game.This is why Italian football is very difficult.”

What do you feel when you wear this shirt? We see you with an incredible charge. This shirt gives you something more? And above all the number 10 shirt.

“The number 10 jersey is very important for the fans and a little for me too. When I wear the shirt of Juventus… this is what identifies a club (Juventus shows the coat of arms it has on the sweater, ed.). I am too happy when Sunday or Thursday – when we play – I wear the shirt of Juventus. I think it’s important for a player. ”

Tevez joined the bianconeri in the summer of 2013, and has made a profound impact on Juve’s standing in Serie A, as well asa asserting himself as one of the top forwards in the country, sitting atop the Serie A scoring charts.




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