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Tevez: “Serie A Looks Easy But In Reality It’s Very Difficult”

TevezCarlos Tevez has proved to be a great summer signing by Juventus, he scored 11 goals in the first half of the season and is the 2nd top goal-scorer in the Serie A. Tevez gave a very long interview to Corriere dello Sera, where he talked about his time at Juventus, how he’s adapting to Turin, and what he thinks about his future. here is what he had to say:

“I never expected to enter into the fans’ hearts this quickly. But I always work hard to give my 100%. I’m doing good things, I need to continue like this. I dont even remember the last time I scored a hat-trick. Because I couldnt even score a double for a while”

On the Serie A: “It’s hard. Seeing it on Tv is one thing, playing in it is another. Italy looks easy but in reality its very difficult. Against Juventus everyone plays hard, it’s never a normal game for the opponents. I’ve been helped by coming into a team that is a real team, on and off the field. It’s all easier. Italian food struck me, wherever you go you eat well. I love the burrata and salami. I really like Italy, I feel at home here and this is important for a player.”

On Conte: “Conte is a winner. And if someone wants to win they must get used to working hard and become like him: give your best to win.”

On Pirlo: “Pirlo is the master of the ball on the team… I come next, I study him in training: he’s a fantastic player.”

On Pogba: “Pogba really surprised me. Only Paul knows how much he wants to grow. It only depends on him.”

On the Champions League: “A hard blow for everyone. A shocking goal from Sneijder. This feeling lasted for 2-3 days. It’s sad but in the first rounds we didn’t have enough nastiness. Missing out on Champions League doesn’t make me lose sleep. Europa League is one of our objectives. I always believe that things happen for a reason. What happened in Istanbul- Snow, repetition, ugly field- it’s not normal but in the long run it will make sense.”

On the future: “Its been 9 years that I’ve been away from Argentina, away from my family. It’s not easy: time passes and my parents get older. These are the things I reflect upon. Luckily I dont need money and therefore I think about how much I miss everything else. I lived in misery and I’m happy how I am today. Money didn’t change me. Certainly it’s an important thing but its not happiness. I would do everything again, I don’t have regrets. Certainly I was wrong [at times] and from my errors I learned, but no regrets”

On Argentina and being “the peoples player”: “Itìs important, the population is Argentine. The poor people relate with me: this is very beautiful. There’s a soup kitchen with my name and the responsibility of the foundation is mine. Letìs feed the children and help them.”

On his reputation and the tweet about Llorente: “Iìm angry because we were at a good place and they always try to involve me in trouble with other players. I have the reputation of being a player that creates conflict in a team, but itìs not true. I see Fernando everyday in practice, so there’s no surprise, we can both give even more. Basically it’s only been a short time that we’ve played together”

The opponents: “The championship will not be over against Roma. In Italy, its not won until the last 2-3 games. I followed Milan for a long time and for those that follow them itìs not a surprise. For years, Milan and Inter have not bought important players to reinforce the team. It’s difficult to have a good championship without a strong team.” 

The next test for Tevez will be to see if he can continue on his great form in the Serie A, as of now, his future in Turin looks bright.



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