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Yesterday, Francesco Totti revealed his unhappiness at Roma and the way he’s bring treated leading to controversy at Trigoria.

Last night, Francesco Totti spoke to TG1, where he touched about his anger about being benched and his rocky relationship with coach Luciano Spalletti. The former Zenit boss has not started Totti once since his return in mid-January. Totti stated how his relationship with Spalletti is almost non-existent and tells him just “good morning and goodnight.” The captain also said that he wishes Spalletti would say things to him up front in person and not to the media. All this happened a day before Roma play their important match against Palermo creating a huge controversy in the nation’s capital.

Totti would go on to say,:
“I cannot sit. Being on the bench hurts me. I understand at my age I can’t play as much but to finish my career like this is tough for someone who has given so much to Roma.”

Come Sunday morning, Luciano Spalletti sent Totti home after Roma’s practice and excluded him from the squad that will be taking on Palermo tonight at the Olimpico. This is where the controversy really kicked into overdrive as Spalletti responded to Totti without saying anything really. However, this has had repercussions for the Roma tactician as Totti’s exclusion from the team has now seen fans turn against Spalletti. In addition, there are rumours saying Spalletti will be boo’d due to this.

Let’s face it, Totti is a Roma legend and has done everything for the club and he should be respected. But Spalletti is the coach and the man in charge. In many ways, he was disrespected by Totti’s interview. Going into a crucial part of the season, it’s upsetting that people need to pick between the captain and the coach. It doesn’t matter how you put it, or who you favour, both should put this behind them for the sake of their reputations as men and for the sake of Roma. Quite frankly, this problem should be fixed immediately. Both Totti and Spalletti are grown men and have won trophies together, it shouldn’t hard to put this behind them.

The latest reports have stated Totti will be at the Olimpico to sit in the stands and watch the game. Despite being excluded from the squad, the captain will be at the stadium supporting his team while Spalletti will look to lead the giallorossi to five straight wins. The faster this situation ends, the better. Fans shouldn’t have to choose between Totti or Spalletti, but should simply be able to fully get behind Roma. The club is what matters most and as a Roma fan, one would hope for what is best is for the club.

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