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TV Rights: Serie A has an offer of €1.5 billion

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After receiving a disappointing offer for less than €1 billion, Serie A now has a bid that meets their minimum.

If this deal goes through, Serie A would gallop ahead of the Bundesliga and place itself firmly in the top three for largest TV deals in Europe.

A minimum deal of €1.4 billion was advised earlier by Infront, but now Spanish media giants MediaPro are ready to go even beyond that figure, reaching €1.5 billion per season.

England’s Premier League is still far beyond at around €3 billion per season while Spain’s La Liga receives around €1.6 billion per season.

This deal would be added in addition to the €371 million deal for foreign broadcasts that was sold last autumn. Now the only thing that remains to be decided is finding a deal for the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana, which the latter has gone for around €50 million each of the last three seasons.

Vice President of the Lega Calcio, Paolo Nicoletti, told RMC Radio the assembly had done “a great job” to work out a deal like this.

“The first offer was for €483 million, then €762 million, then €830 million, finally to up over €1 billion. Now the antitrusts will evaluate the deal, which will last around 45 days.

“I must say, adviser Luigi De Siervo and his team have done an incredible job, as well as Marco Brunelli and the Lega Calcio.

Ex-Azzurri striker and new collaborator with the Lega Bernardo Corradi spoke of even greater ambitions.

“We gave a fair price on our Calcio product and the offer has satisfied this. The clear message is that we want to create a Serie A brand in a way to commercialize everything not only in Italy, but also abroad.”

“I’d also like to wish Di Biagio good luck in taking over the Azzurri,” Corradi ended.

Associate Director and adviser Luigi De Servio also commented on the deal, which he hailed as a “new beginning” for Italian football.

“The offer was greater than €1.05 billion that the assembly had outlined and now we’re beginning a new era.”



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