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After earlier reports in the day that the deal was done, reports from Italy indicate otherwise.

Sky Sport from Italy and the The Guardian are reporting that the deal, although close, is not complete.

Fabrizio Romano of Sky has reported that Juventus are yet to accept Manchester United’s offer for Paul Pogba. In a series of Tweets, he broke down the latest on the negotiations.

The remaining details to be worked out do include sponsor rights, commission fees and the final base fee. Juventus want €120 million after Raiola takes his cut. The most expensive deal in football history continues to increase in price.

Meanwhile, The Guardian says Manchester United’s €110 million bid was rejected and it did not yet include the agent’s commission. Final fees could add up to be around €145 million when the documents are signed.

It’s worth mentioning also that Pogba’s €13 million annual salary is net, not gross. He could overtake Wayne Rooney as the highest paid player at Manchester United, who makes around €23 million annually gross.



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