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Italy boss Giampiero Ventura spoke to the media today about all things Italian football including Gianluigi Buffon and Mario Balotelli.

Giampiero Ventura, the coach of the Italian national team, sat down with SportsMediaset and discussed some key national players and some potential additions for the Azzurri. When it came to the topic of Buffon, Ventura had nothing but positivity for the 38-year-old Italian legend.

Ventura stated that Buffon serves as a “perfect example” for every aspiring young player on the squad, and his “never satisfied” attitude and his will to win every match is unparalleled in all of calcio. He listed through other players on the squad, and one of the key players that were discussed was Lorenzo Insigne, the prolific left winger for Napoli. He mentioned that even though Insigne had some growing problems at first, he has grown into an essential player for the Napoli squad, and hopes that he can do the same for the Azzurri.

The discussion with Ventura eventually shifted to the former Time Magazine top 100 person of the year, Mario Balotelli. As for Balotelli’s talent, it has never been questioned by him or the squad. His talents are “indisputable”. Although, Ventura did reveal the one key problem for Balotelli, which is his behaviour.  As for his behavioural issues, those answers solely concern Balotelli. Ventura will reportedly speak to Balotelli about those concerns and the possibility of a return to the Azzurri.


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