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The relegated Serie B club did not register for the new Lega Pro season and will restart in the lower tiers under a new name.

Virtus Lanciano will not let their name disappear forever. As per Il Centro, the Abruzzo-based club will now be known as Pro Lanciano, giving up their right to play in Lega Pro for the 2016/2017 season and will have to head back down the ladder into one of the lower leagues far from the professional ranks. Although the club may have avoided being totally erased from Italian football, Mayor Mario Pupillo is working behind the scenes to establish the new company but nothing is set in stone just yet.

I have not seen any signed documents or papers which indicates the emergence of Pro Lanciano. I have no comments on what was stated by others but I can say that we are continuing to work to have a team for the city.

Since the club is now starting from scratch, a number of players have left on free transfers including captain Antonio Aquilanti (two-year deal with Feralpi Salo), Leonardo Nunzella (signed with Parma) and goalkeeper Vittorio Antonino (three-year deal with Pescara). It is also left to be decided with Pro Lanciano will begin their new life in Serie D or even as far down as the Prima Categoria.

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