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Walter Mazzarri is no stranger to high profile jobs, but he insisted he wanted something different on his CV.

With his Watford surging up the Barclays’ Premier League table, Mazzarri has been recently given a lot of a praise for his work in England.

He was ridiculed almost in day one for his “abysmal” proficiency in the English language. Now, those critics aren’t laughing so hard with his side in 8th place in the league table.

Speaking to Tiki Taka on Italia Uno, the Watford manager spoke about his English experience.

We’ve started off well, better than what we could’ve expected and that’s due to the fact we were late making signings in the transfer market. 

I’m very pleased at the fact that the season is going better than we had at best anticipated.”

A return to Italy? For the moment, I’m doing fine here. I chose to take this journey and I’m happy with what we’re doing. Otherwise I could’ve stayed in Italy because there was that possibility. The competition here is of a very high manner, even those who are in danger of being relegated have some outstanding players.”


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